Heart Chakra Breathe from Judith Moore

Judith Moore

Judith Moore

In the beginning of October I facilitated together with Judith Moore, an American transmedium, a workshop to make contact with the old indiginous powers of the Netherlands. Judith is very good in breathing technics and this time she taught us the heart chakra breathe. In this chaotic world we are living in we all can use breathing technic like this very well. That is why I like to share this breathing with you.

During this breathing you constantly breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. To start the meditation sit down as comfortly as possible and close your eyes. Open by focusing on your Divine Soul Presence, your God Self. Take three deep clearing breaths. Focus on your heart — bring an image of something that brings you joy and love to your heart. As you breathe in, fill your heart with the light of your soul. Focus on your heart chakra and as you breathe out, breathe into the world and give the breath of your soul to your world. Breathe in through your heart chakra and receive the breath of life. Continue this until you feel the energy moving through your heart chakra. Then take a deep breath and send the breath of life through the back of your heart to the heart of your soul.

Breathe in and receive the breath of life from the heart of your soul. Bring all of that energy back into your heart and, with your out-breath, send it down into the womb heart of Mother Earth. Receive her loving breathe, and as you breathe in, bring it back to your heart. On the out-breath, send the breath of life to the heart of Creation. ConsciousCreator by Alex GrayBreath in to bring the power of love and the breath of God into your heart. Release the light into your world with your out-breath as you move the breath through your heart chakra. Breathe in to receive the breath of life from your world. Continue this breathe until you feel a connection.

Now you may begin the inner breath. When you breathe in, you fill your body with the light and bring it to your heart. As you do this, allow the air to expand in your body. When you are ready, direct your inner breath to your womb and connect to the womb of life, then return the breath with an in-breath to your heart. Breathe in. Filling your body with air, allow your abdomen to expand with the breath – not contract. Send the inner breathe to your mind, clearing all mind clutter and making a connection to the Mind of God with your out-breathe. Then breathe in and bring the breath back to your heart. Continue this until you have cleared your mind.

As situations that challenge you arise, simply bring the energy to your heart and do the Heart Chakra Breath. Hold an image of that which is out of balance from a neutral space. Be the witness, allowing Universal Life Force Energy to balance anything that is out of harmony with Oneness. You might experience that this moves you from being responsible for resolution into surrender to the divine purpose of everything in your life. Use it as a mirror of the situation, identifying what is yours and what is energy that does not belong to you. With the Heart Breathe, it is easier to let go of energy that is out of balance and that is not yours, and to balance energy that is yours and that is out of balance.

© Elly de Lezenne Coulander

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